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“Excellent Dolphin & Sunset trip”
My girlfriend and I had an excellent trip on the Mustang on the $25 dolphin and sunset cruise. Both crew members were very engaging and entertained and kept the adults and children entertained throughout. Trip included a tour round the bay following dolphins and then watching them surf the bow of a tanker coming in. Followed by more touring and then a trawl to find some amazing sea life on the way back. Well worth it and highly recommended.


“Dolphin & Nature Boat Tour - fun for the whole family!”
We took the 6P - 7:30P dolphin & nature boat tour on a Friday night. There was only 10 people on the boat (it can hold 80). We paid $25 for adults and $20 for kids. We had lots of laughs. The deck hand, we called him "One Eyed Pete" since he was missing an eye from a shark fishing accident, was very entertaining. We saw lots of dolphins, the light house, ships and then they dragged a net and brought up a lot of sea creatures. The sea creatures were put in a tank in the middle of the ship & we all had fun watching them & touching them. This is a pretty cool tour & I would recommend it to everyone. My 6 year old loved it too. I have tried to schedule this boat trip, in the past, on week day nights & it usually got cancelled because there wasn't enough people for them to take the boat out (they need 10 paying adults). I recommend that you plan to do this on a Friday - Sunday.


“Pirate attack dolphin tour!”x
We have now gone on a Woody's dolphin cruise twice and loved it each time. My kids (4 and 7) remember as the highlight of our beach trip.

Here's the deal: You go for a few hours on a big boat (2 levels) and you get to see dolphins playing in the water. At one point, there is a "pirate attack" where pirates in a speed boat "attack" your boat with cannons that shoot cheese puffs (the sea gulls go crazy). The kids fight back with water guns and craziness ensues especially when some pirates board your ship. Of course, you beat the pirates (hooray!) and you continue your boat trip. Later, they drag a net in the water and pull out sea creatures to put in a petting zoo type tank in the middle of the boat for the kids to observe and touch.
For adults, it's lovely to be on the water and see the dolphins. The tour takes about 1.5 hours.


“Pirates and Dolphins and Puffer Fish - Fun!”
Woody's Sports Center morning dolphin cruise turned out to be the highlight of our week in Port Aransas. All 8 in our party, including 4 children aged 6-13, enjoyed every minute. Chico, the first mate was on deck with us the whole time, while the captain, on the deck above kept a lookout for dolphins. We were thrilled to see several.
Next came a pirate attack and boarding, complete with a realistic cannon blast. Younger children might be a little fearful, as was our youngest, but she was soon joining in the faux attack. The 8 year olds were doused with water, and they doused back. Water cannons provided added to the fun.
The last little bit was spent touching and inspecting sea life brought on board via a trolling net. Shrimp, hermit crabs, sea snot (!), and a gloriously puffed up puffer fish. The children were mesmerized.
The boat worked well for all activities and the crew was wonderful with the kids. We'll definitely go again on our next trip.


“Absolutely Fun & Entertaining !”
Reasonably priced $25 adults $20 for kids. My 5 year old daughter definitely enjoyed the Mustang watched plenty of dolphins, they had an open aquarium where she played with shrimp, baby fish, crabs, seahorses & other small sea critters. My husband and I had a blast as well. They allow you to take your ice chest, snacks, beer! To end the adventure we fought with pirates OH MY that was the best trip we loved it and want to go back soon.


“Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Boating, and more all in one location”
We appreciated the kindness of the employees here and being able to do everything in one location. The Mustang 2 is the only wheelchair accessible boat where my husband could STAY in his power wheelchair and I totally appreciate that.


“Excellent dolphin watching”x
This was so much fun! We took a sunset dolphin watching tour, and saw more dolphins than I've seen anywhere else. The Captain and crew were fun, friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone obviously knew what they were doing, as they knew exactly where the best camera shots were and where to find the dolphin. I highly recommend this fabulous boat trip to anyone going to Port Aransas. I only wish we had been there long enough to take the tour with the pirate fight!


“Only wish I had taken the Kids”x
We went on the evening cruise, dolphin watch, shrimp krawl from Woody's and had a great time. This charter is open to you bringing your own cooler and beverages, so stock up! It's about an 1 1/2 boat ride. We went out pass the light house and at sunset, the views are beautiful. They do a shrimp krawl and pull up things from the bay. That was neat to see. They let the kids put the fish and crabs and whatever else comes up into the little aquarium. I wish I had my girls with me to experience that. We caught a stingray, a puffer fish, a few little fish and some crabs. They sons of the sea (guides) told what each fish was before handing them off to the kids. I thought it was really cool. We saw some dolphins in the water and caught a few shots of them. All in all it was fun.


“Jet ski rental”x
I had a blast on the pwc! Its $100 for a hour but it was worth every penny. The guide was great he explained everything you needed to know about operating the pwc then led u out to the "playground" gave us boundaries and let us go! There were some slower people in our group so our time was worked around them which was great. He even went back with a girl who was afraid and put her on with him. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to go fast! We also got within 2 feet of a group of dolphins.


“My whole family had a blast!”
All 9 of us ages 3-75 had a blast on the dolphin tour. We saw lots of dolphins and sea creatures, it's more then just a dolphins tour! While on board you not only see dolphins but they throw a large net out and fish and have a tub in the middle of the boat where they put the creatures caught so everyone can see and touch them. Awesome experience, we had a blast and learned a lot!


“Dolphin Sunset Cruise”
My sons (ages 12 and 14) and I did the sunset cruise in the evening. We had a blast. The crew was amazing and we saw lots of dolphins. We had read reviews on several companies and some of the other charters had reviews that were downright awful. There is simply nothing bad I can say about this trip. We went on July 8th (Tuesday night) and although the boat was pretty full, it was very enjoyable.


“One of the Best Dolphin Tours in Port A- Neptune Charters”
Good family fun. We have been on several dolphin tours in Port Aransas, and this is one of the best tours we have been on. The Neptune Charter's boat is clean, and the evening tour is leisurely. In addition, the boat is quiet compared to others that go on similar tours in the Port A area. And a bonus - fun music is played while you tour. This time - Elvis was singing along as we viewed dolphins galore and a beautiful sunset. This tour also drops nets into the ocean to show kids on the boat some marine life (fun for all ages). This is not the cheapest sunset dolphin tour on the island ($25 an adult, compared to others that are $20), but is is one of the nicest. Spend the extra five dollars and go on this one. Also, you can bring your own cooler filled with drinks and snacks.


“Great Dolphin Tour”
My family and I went on a dolphin tour and it was great!! We saw many dolphins and many of them were up close to the boat. We all enjoyed the pirate attack and I recommend this for everyone.


“Great place for "Extreme Sport" Beginners”
My teens wanted to parasail and ride Jet Skis but had never done them before. We signed them up for both activities at Woody's. The staff was great and knowledgeable. My kids really loved both activities. Thanks!


“Awesome time. Great for Kids”
The dolphin watch, shrimp trawl, and pirate attack were all included in the $25 (adults) $20 (children)
The captain knew everything about the bay/gulf. Guy grew up in port A!
Also he is great with the kids. We were all adults and had a great time...and all the kids had a blast!


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